Episode 1 - Intuition: Your Tool For Life 

In this episode you will learn:


-The big misconception about using your intuition 


-How our intuition guided us in creating this podcast


-Why being open to your intuition is the key to activating it


-Why you should write down your intuitive hits


-Why moving your body benefits your intuition


-Why using everything around you as tools, for your intuition is important




Episode 2 - Resistance: A Signpost For Growth 

In this episode you will learn:


-What happens when you’re energy is rising up?


-What signs will appear when you’re growing


-The reason why people do resist you when you’re growing  


-Why do haters act the way they do 


-Why resistance is a good thing for you


-What resistance is and where it shows up


-How your time alone can prepare you for when resistance shows up


-Actions to prepare for resistance



And so much more..





January 18, 2018

3: Abundance is a Mindset

Epsiode 3 - Abundance is a Mindset

In this episode you will learn:


 -About the common belief systems about money


-Why you should feel worthy of receiving money


-Advice to new entrepreneurs about their money


-About the many signs of Abundance that’s right in front of you everyday


-What the two types of money are


-Money will not solve your problems; it will only magnify who you are 


-Being in service to others attracts abundance


-Action steps to create an abundant mindset

January 18, 2018

4: Your Passions Chose You

Episode 4 - Passion  

In this episode you will learn:

-Where to start when figuring out your passion 

-Why your past is pivotal for your passions

-How following your instinct will lead you to your passions

-The 1 clue that will get you clear on what fulfills you 

-The magic key to pursuing your passion

-How to recognize the sign that show up, if you aren’t living in your passion

Episode 5: Connecting to the Other Side: A New Normal

In this episode you will learn:


-That sometimes you may feel like you’re making up the information that comes from the Spirit Realm

-What culture and society tells you about tapping into the other side

- About some possible childhood sensitivities when experiencing passed loved ones

-There may be moments in your life where your senses shift, when it comes to connecting with passed loved ones

-Tips on how to tune into passed loved ones

Learn more at www.LindsayMarino.com


Episode 6: A Journey Through Mediumship with Mavis Pittilla 

In this episode you will learn:


- Why some Mediums discover their Mediumistic abilities at different stages in their life


-What Mavis thinks about "preparing" for Mediumship readings 


-What the Spirit World wants us Mediums to Know


-The process of dealing with the "Nos" in Mediumship


And so much more…








March 5, 2018

7: Moving Through Fear

Episode 7: Moving Through Fear 


In this episode you will learn:


-The definition of fear


-How to move through fear


- How to use your fear to propel you to the next level, in your life and business


-What happens when you leave your comfort zone


-When synchronistic events occur in your life


-Tips on what to do when you are fearing something in your life or business 


-The two big fears that come up for business owners


Learn more at Lindsay and Tony at www.lindsaymarino.com 

Episode 8: From a Near Death Experience, to living in Truth with Anita Moorjani

In this episode your will learn:


-About Anita’s Journey after her near death experience


-Anita’s experience with Wayne Dyer’s Messages from the other side


-The power of living in your truth and experiencing freedom


-About tuning into your truth


-The importance of Empaths in our world


-What Anita does when she wants to recharge and get centered


-Anita’s experience with “the other side” and how our passed loved ones are always connecting with us


and so much more...


Learn more at Lindsay and Tony at www.lindsaymarino.com


In this episode you will learn:


-  The benefits of creating Masterminds of two or more people 

- Why you must have a clear intention of what you want out life

- The importance of having consistent conversations with your Mastermind 

- Why more ideas will flow to you when you are working in harmony with other like-minded people 


 and so much more...

In this epsiode you will learn:

-About Garnet's Astral travel through different realms, with his Spirit Guide Albert 

-How Garnet's life has changed since he's met his Spirit Guide

-How to tune into your own Spirit Guide 

-Ways that Garnet communicates with his Spirit Guide

-His preview of his life review and the what he realized after while reviewing it 


 and so much more...



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